Heavy Metal Psychic's Spiritual Boot Camp

Everyone has abilities, and now it's time to let your shine by joining the Heavy Metal Psychic's Spiritual Boot Camp!  This is a year long program that helps you develop yourself on a Personal and Spiritual Level!  Each month of our twelve month program is dedicated to a specific class, starting you off with the basics of your own Personal Development and then walking you through the development and understanding of your own Spiritual abilities.


The following is an outline of the classes provided in this program:


PLUS benefit from the following additions to this program to help you through your development process:


This program is specifically designed to help you gradually open yourself up to success in all forms of your life through your own innate abilities, while giving you the chance to understand yourself better both spiritually and personally.  You will be provided with the tools to understand your own challenges and make the most of them rather than allowing them to hold you back.  By the end of this program, you will feel confident in your own power over your own life while feeling confident in allowing your own abilities to guide you in the right direction.  The Mentors that make up this program have been working together and for Spirit for many years, and have mentored each other as well as many others all over the world, bringing you the best of the best to help you be as successful as possible.