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Mediumship Readings


Connect with your loved ones in Spirit and receive guidance on your current path with a Reading! Everyone has questions, now is the time to get those questions answered by a True Medium ready to  assist you with your life path!  With three different Readings to choose from, you can be certain that we have the right kind of Reading for you!  Guidance on Relationships, Finances, Health, General Life Challenges, and more available.


  •  Fifteen Minute Reading: A Fifteen Minute Reading is a great way to test out your Medium for the first time!  This Reading is designed to get right to the answers to your questions so you can feel confident in your life path choices!
  •  Half Hour Reading:  Get those questions answered and more!  Spend a half hour connecting with your loved ones in Spirit while getting your questions answered.  This Reading helps you connect with your loved ones and yourself on a Soul Level in order to help you understand your own path, while also helping you get answers from loved ones to questions left un answered.
  •  One Hour Mediumship Reading:  When you have so many questions you don't know where to start, an hour is the perfect amount of time!  Spend an hour with your Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit, allowing them to help you understand your own journey and theirs.  Learn how they are helping you and guiding you through this thing we call life, while spending time with those people you love and miss most of all.  Using a combination of Mediumship, Psychic, and Astrology, a One Hour Session is a little bit of everything and more!
  •  Heavy Metal Psychic's Thirteen Card Tarot Projection for the Year:  This is a Seasonal Reading using my Unicorn Tarot deck.  This is a month by month look into the upcoming year, defining your triumphs and difficulties to help you navigate successfully through the year.  This is a written emailed Reading, allowing you to refer back to it all year long for helpful hints and tips to get you through the year and make the most of your opportunities.


Fifteen Minute Reading: $35

Half Hour Reading: $50

One Hour Reading: $80

HMP Thirteen Card Tarot Projection for the year: $65

Astrology Readings


There is no better tool for understanding yourself AND others than an Astrology Reading.  Using your own Natal Chart, take a journey through space and allow the Planets to guide you through a step by step understanding of yourself.  Astrological Birth Charts are the best Personal Growth tool there is, giving you a precise understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, growth opportunities, and challenges to help you stand in your own power!  Chart Comparisons allow you and someone you're close to to understand each other on a better level, helping you to understand your relationship in ways that help you grow together.


  •  Personal Written Birth Chart:  This Reading is one of the best Readings, because it's a Reading you get to keep forever!  This Reading includes the Chart and a complete written interpretation of the chart, focusing on your challenges to help you identify them, and your strengths to help you overcome the challenges.  This is the best Personal Growth too there is, helping you understand what you are truly meant to do in this lifetime. ***Multiple Chart Discount***
  •  Written Birth Chart Comparison:  If you're ordering multiple Birth Charts for you and your family, why not include a Written Birth Chart Comparison?  Understand the dynamics of each relationship by including a Birth Chart Comparison.  This Reading helps define the strengths and challenges of each relationship, while giving you some tips on how to make the most of your time together.  This is a fantastic tool to help you build healthy relationships with parents, children, spouses, friends, and even co-workers.
    • ***Written Charts Required for this Reading***
    • ***Permission from other party required for this Reading.  Charts done on children will require Parental Consent***
  •  Written Six or Twelve month Personal Astrology Reading:  Understand the Challenges and Triumphs of the next six or twelve months with a Personal Astrology Reading!  Using your Progressed Natal Chart and the position of the planets through the year, take a look at what the year has in store for you, as well as take the time to identify and prepare for the ups and downs of the next twelve months. Take the time to understand the next year ahead and make your plans using the position of the planets to help you make the most of your opportunities! READING CAN BE PURCHASED ALL YEAR LONG!
  •  One on One Birth Chart Reading:  If a Written Chart isn't exactly what you're looking for, book a session with me to understand your chart with an hour and a half one on one session.  Understand the challenges and strengths of your life while getting answers to questions on how to fully navigate successfully through your goals and dreams in life.  Understand relationships, finances, health, career, and your own personal growth opportunities.  This is one of the best gifts you will ever give to yourself!
  •  One on One Birth Chart Comparisons:  Bring your partner, parents, or friends to a session to understand the dynamics of your relationship with a One on One hour and a half session.  In this session, there will be a half hour explanation of your chart, a half hour explanation of the second chart, and a half hour Reading based on the relationship dynamics of both charts.  This is one of the best relationship tools you can get your hands on, as the Charts help you really understand how the relationship works and where the relationship may have challenges.  This Reading is excellent for understanding the dynamics of your relationships with your parents, children, partners, or any relationship you wish to understand on a higher level.
    •  ***All parties required to attend this Reading***
  •  One on one Six or Twelve Month Astrology Forecast:  Book your session to understand what is in store for you in the next six months or the next year!  This session is One Hour and covers every important aspect of your life from relationships to finances, career, health, and personal growth. This Reading helps you prepare for the immediate future, and gives you a chance to be the most successful you can be while having confidence in your own decision making abilities!


Written Birth Chart: $250

***Multiple Birth Chart Discount: $200 for two or more Birth Charts ordered at the same time.

***Financing available

Written Birth Chart Comparison:  $100

***Purchase of Written Birth Charts Required***

Written Six or Twelve Month Astrology Projection:  Six Month $100  Year $175

One on One Birth Chart Reading:  $120

One on One Birch Chart Comparison:  $175

One on one Six or Twelve Month Astrology Reading:  Six Month $65 Year $90